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L’orthodontie de l’adulte


Dr. Jacques Lebahar

Dr. Lebahar, trained in the United States, offers orthodontic treatments for adults adapted to their needs.

  • Orthodontics using invisible aligners Invisalign
see the section “Invisible Orthodontics”

Multi-bracket orthodontics (multi-brackets)

More traditional, multi-bracket or multi-bracket treatment is offered by the office. The brackets (brackets) are made of ceramic for the upper incisors and metal for the other teeth.

Conventional fixed orthodontic appliances, commonly called “brackets” or “multi-brackets”, are still considered the benchmark as high-performance corrective appliances in orthodontics. They can be used to treat virtually any type of malocclusion, from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Multi-attachment treatment makes it possible to mobilize each tooth precisely in the three directions of space depending on its neighbors and the teeth opposite. The device is made up of a set of small plates (attaches, brackets or rings), stuck on the teeth and having a “groove” through which a more or less large metal wire passes which will make the teeth move according to the conformation of the groove.

The multi-attachment is mainly used in permanent teeth, to optimize the shape and meshing of the dental arches. It is more or less discreet, ranging from completely metallic to completely transparent.

Translucent multi-bracket orthodontics

Available at our office, the best translucent multi-bracket appliances or traditional translucent orthodontic braces will provide you with discreet treatment and results that go beyond simple dental alignment.

Virtually invisible

No one will notice that you are wearing orthodontic braces. Traditional multi-fasteners have visible metal parts. The orthodontic braces used by Dr. Lebahar's orthodontic practice do not discolor because they are ceramic and not plastic.

Cabinet d'orthodontie Exclusive du Dr Lebahar Jacques

Fast processing

Although processing time may vary, the Dr Lebahar will team up with you to obtain, as quickly as possible, a smile that will last the years. By taking into account the proportions of your face, your occlusion and your smile, as well as the analysis of your gums and your lips, he will be able, thanks to his expertise, to give you a smile, profile and face in just a few months. that you have always dreamed of.

Extraordinary results and better comfort

No speech problems or feeling of clenching, gentle treatment for teeth and tissues.

At the end of treatment, the teeth tend to return to their original positions, this is called recurrence. Many factors can influence a possible recurrence, including the type of treatment. However, given that all teeth have a tendency to recur, it may be necessary after treatment to wear a removable support at night, like an invisible gutter.