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L’orthodontie Précoce

Early orthodontics

Early orthodontics is concerned with jaw growth, the key to harmonious alignment without extraction.
Treatment occurs as early as possible, from the age of 3 and absolutely before the age of 12. It is never too early to implement treatment, if it is justified.

Early orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics

An approach focused on prevention, early orthodontics begins before milk teeth fall out.

Early detection makes it possible to implement so-called interception treatment. What does this treatment consist of? Early orthodontic treatment is a treatment that acts on the bone bases. We are talking about dentofacial orthopedics (and not orthodontics which simply moves the teeth).

In a young child, there is of course no question of wearing braces. Early orthodontic treatment consists of making space in the event of significant crowding, or correcting the bony bases in the event of teeth that are too forward. There are many different treatments depending on the malocclusion or dento-maxillary anomaly to be corrected. Early orthodontic treatment often helps avoid permanent tooth extractions or surgery in adulthood.

Benefits of early or interceptive orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontic treatment is carried out over one or two semesters maximum.
Early orthodontic treatment is stable because it normalizes functions. It acts deeply on the structure of the bone bases.

Of course, treatment cannot be carried out without the understanding and active participation of the young patient.