Orthodontics for the Senior

With ageing, the dentition undergoes changes. Apart from the fact that teeth become more and more yellow or even dark, they lose their alignment. With time, the teeth, especially on the inferior dental arch, begin to overlap. Often, the two arches reduce in the lateral sectors, giving the impression upon smiling that there are teeth missing, whereas in reality they are just hidden.

Patients may also experience the loss of teeth, chipping, breakage of restaurations, increase of plaque accumulation, gingival recession or periodontal diseases.

Thankfully there are good news : anti-âge dentistry allows the reversal of the process on the levels of orthodontics, periodontology and cosmetic dentistry.

Orthodontic treatments are now very comment amongst adults and older adults. Dr Lebahar will use the technique most adapted to your lifestyle and oreal health. He can propose:

Nowadays, adults are no longer obliged to live with small dental arches resulting of age. It is possible to have a large, youthful smile, without the use of traditional metal brackets.

Dr Lebahar, orthodontist in Thonon-les-Bains, is Platinum expert for these techniques at the forefront of orthodontics. Don’t hesitate to ask him for advice.