Dr Lebahar, educated in the United States, proposes orthodontic treatments adapted to the needs of adults.

See sub-section Invisible Orthodontics

Our practice proposes the more-traditional multi-braket treatment. The brackets are made of ceramic for the superior buckteeth and of metal for the other teeth.

Unremovable conventional orthodontic systems, generally called brackets or multi-brackets are always considered to be the reference treatement as they are the most effective in orthodontics. They can be used to treat almost all types of malocclusions, from the simplest to the most complicated cases.

The bracket system allows the practicioner to move each tooth with high precision threeways in space, depending on the neighbouring teeth and those in front of them. The device is constituted of an assembly of small brackets glued to the teeth, each having indentures into which a more or less thin metal arch is inserted which will make the teeth move depending on the type of indenture in the bracket.

The multi-braket system is used mainly on final dentition to optimise the shape and impaction of the dental arcades. It can be made more or less discreet, ranging from 100% metallic to fully transparent.

The best of translucent multi-bracket or translucent traditional brackets systems are available at our Practice, and will provide you with a discreet yet highly efficient system offering better results than a simple dental alignment.

Almost invisible

No one will notice you are wearing an orthodontic appliance. The traditional multi-attachments have visible metallic parts. The brackets used by Dr Lebahar’s Practice don’t color as they are made out of ceramic rather than plastic.

Fast treatment

Although there can be variations in the duration of treatments, Dr Lebahar will team up with you so as to obtain your fabulous smile that will maintain over the years as fast as possible. Taking into account the proportions of your face, your occlusion and your smile, as well as the analysis of your gums and lips, with his expertise he will be in a position to obtain for you in a few months, the smile, profile and face of which you have always dreamed.

Exceptional results and higher comfort

No problems with speech or feelings of tightening, gentle treatment for the teeth and tissue.

At the end of the treatment, the teeth have a tendency to return to their position of origin. This is called recurrence. A number of factures can influence a possible recurrence, amongst which the type of treatment. However, given that all teeth have a tendency towards recurrence, it can be necessary to wear a dental contention device at night, such as an invisible aligner.