Treatments for 12-16 year olds with final dentition

Although there are variations between individuals regarding growth and development – for example certain persons can be precocious and others may be slower to develop – the age between 11 and 13 is on average a period where the final dentition is almost complete, but where there is still a potential for growth that can be essential for the correction of certain imbalances affecting the jaws.

At this stage, where all final teeth are present, we will mainly work on correcting a faulty dental alignment if the patient doesn’t have any gaps between his jaws, or if a first stage of treatment using an aligner has already been started.

dr Lebahar Orthodontiste
Metal brackets available at Doctore Lebahar’s Practice in Thonon-les Bains.


gouttière Invisalign
Invisible Invisalign Aligners available at Dr Lebahar’s Practice in Thonon-les-Bains.