Early orthodontic treatment deals with the growth of the jaws, which is key to a harmonious alignment without extractions. The treatment starts as soon as possible, as of 3 years of age and before 12. It’s never too soon to start a treatment if such is justified.

Early or interceptive orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics focus on prevention and thus start before the loss of the milk teeth.

Early detection allows to put in place this treatment known as an interceptive treatment. An interceptive orthodontic treatment has an action on the bone basis. We use the term of dentofacial orthopaedics rather than orthodontics (the latter consists solely of moving the teeth).

Of course, for a young child, there is no use in braces. Interceptive orthodontics consists of creating space in case of an important congestion. There are a number of different treatment options adapted to the extent of the dental malocclusions or the dentomaxillofacial abnormalities detected.

Interceptive orthodontics often allow to avoid tooth extractions or surgery later in life.

Advantages of an interceptive orthodontic treatment

Such a treatment takes place over a period of maximum one or two semesters. It is a stable treatment as it allows to normalise functions. It works on the bone structure.

Of course, the treatment can’t take place without the young patient’s understanding and active participation.